by William Shakespeare
Director                                         David Charles Goyette
Assistant Director                        Marissa LaRose
Stage Manager                             Adrienne Miller
Assistant Stage Manager            Claudia Capuano
Assistant Stage Manager            Mallory Bass
Scenic/Lighting Designer            Ron Rybkowski
Costume Designer                       Joan Mather
Sound Designer/Composer        Michael Huey
Props Master                                Ben Goldstein, Kyle Smith
Make Up Designer                       Rachel Uhlig
Poster Designer                           Amber Collins
Photographer                               Tim Barcus
CAST (in order of appearance)
Theseus               Mark Suthoff
Hyppolita             Jessica Ridenour
Egeus                  Gavin Conkling
Hermia                 Talor Lutz
Demetrius            Max Glenn
Helena                 Carley Surkamp
Lysander             Cameron Jones
Quince                 Nate Sullivan
Bottom                Sam Kyker
Flute                    Milton Stephens
Snug                    Kenny Hardcastle
Snout                  Justin Wright
Starveling           Arthur Virnig
Robin/Puck         Hank Eddins
Peaseblossom    Cherish Varley
Titania                 Sarah Hitzel
Cobweb               Kylee Raney
Moth                    Angela Bubash
Mustardseed       Emily Temple
Oberon                Dan Conway
Male Fairy            Alex Meneely
Male Fairy            Andy Donigan
Male Fairy            Josh Soto
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Prologue 1
Prologue 2
Prologue 2
Or To Her Death 1
Or To Her Death 2
Call You Me Fair?
When Thou Dost Wake
What Hempen Home-spuns 1
What Hempen Home-spuns 2
I love thee more than he can do
You thief of love!
Let me come to her!  
Goblin, lead them up and down
Through the house give gathering light
Cast/Crew Photo
THE STORY:  Four lovers escape the oppression of the court to achieve the love they desire, meanwhile a group of amateur actors rehearse a play for the Duke.  Things go awry when fairies apply a potion to the wrong lovers.