Written by Tracy Scott Wilson
Directed by David Charles Goyette
Produced by African Continuum Theatre Company (Jennifer L. Nelson, Producing Artistic Director; Melvin D. Gerald, Jr., Managing Director)
Set Design by Timothy J. Jones
Costume Design by Lisa Parkel Burgess
Light Design by Harold Burgess
Sound Design by Chas Marsh
Properties by Tracie Duncan
Production Photos by Cliff Russell
CAST (alphabetical order)
Ensemble 3    Maconnia Chesser
Jessica Dunn     Mary C. Davis
Ensemble 2    Jessica Dukes
Latisha              Mildred Langford
Yvonne              Chinasa Oguabu
Pat                       Jewell Robinson
Ensemble 1    Maya Lynne Robinson
Neil                 KenYatta Rogers
Jeff                       Jason Stiles
The Story Production Photos
C. Ogbuagu.jpg
C.Ogbuagu,J. Stiles,M. Langford,J. Robinson,K. Rogers.jpg
Cast in final moments.jpg
Chinasa Ogbuagu (Yvonne), Jason Stiles (Jeff).jpg
Chinasa Ogbuagu, KenYatta Rogers, Jason Stiles.jpg
Chinasa Ogbuagu, Mildred Langford, Jason Stiles.jpg
J. Robinson, C. Ogbuagu. K. Rogers.jpg
Jason Stiles as Jeff, Chinasa Ogbuagu as Yvonne.jpg
Jessica Frances Dukes, K. Rogers, J. Robinson.jpg
Jewell Robinson and Jason Stiles.jpg
M. Langford.jpg
The Story 140.jpg
The Story 227.jpg
The Story group 2.jpg
THE STORY:  An ambitious black newspaper reporter, Yvonne Wilson, goes against her editor, Pat Morgan, to investigate a murder and finds the BEST story…but at what cost? Wilson explores the elusive nature of truth as the boundaries between reality and fiction, morality and ambition become dangerously blurred.